28 October 2004

A big shout-out to all YDMers! (and anyone else who stumbles on our little green page...)

Since just about everyone's blogging nowadays, it was only a matter of time before one of us YDM leaders decided it would be a good idea to have a YDM blogspot. Seems like ol' Steve beat us to the punch. Go Steve! (On the other hand, a bunch of us already have blogs of our own, so I guess we wouldn't have had the initiative to start another one anyway hehe. ^_^;;)

In any case, I've set up a few things here and there. I think the most obvious change would be the tag-board for all you closet taggers out there. So go ahead, leave us a note mehehe.

Oh well, until our next post, I leave you with a cute lil' cartoon starring that sponge we all either love or hate.

ches =รพ

Preach it, Spongebob!

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