30 October 2004

Hallo everybodeeeeeeee!!! Blog-girl here! (i curi curi from Ches! hahaha) The boys have had their share of blogging so it's my turn! Pretty excited about this blog coz now everyone can be up-to-date on what's happening at YDM.

Just a little reminder, if you do have any interesting or inspirational articles that you'd like to share, pls feel free to email us (click on the YDM logo). Also, if u have any ideas or contributions for the YDM newsletter (whether u are here or studying abroad-all welcome!) just email them to me either through here or to my personal email add. I must apologize now for the delay of October's issue of the newsletter...what with the exams and me being a busy university student (ahem!) I'm still looking for things to put in-articles, jokes, anything...so drop me a mail if you've got some cool ideas...thanks guys! See u at YDM!

God bless.


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