29 October 2004


Yo guys! Blogboy ches here! Mehehe, I like the sound of that. "Blogboy".

Anyhoo, the boss (a.k.a. Steve ^_^) asked me to put up a few links that he thinks will be useful for youths to have on hand.

Or... umm... mouse. Whatever.

Here they are--
  • Bible Gateway - I love online Bibles. Have you ever wanted to look up a verse but didn't have a Bible handy? Well, Bible Gateway is a really useful tool if you're online and want to search for a verse. Just type in the verse, pick a version, and get reading! But what if you know a bit of the verse, but aren't sure exactly where it is in the Bible? No problem! BG also provides a keyword search. Just type whatever you remember in the "Keyword Search" box and it'll display all the verses with the word(s) in it! Nifty, huh?
  • JFB Commentary - This is a comprehensive (Read: LARGE) list of all the Bible books separated into categories. If you ever wanted to delve into the Bible's rich history and the differences between the books of the Bible, then this is the place to start.
OK, that's it for now. I added the links to the sidebar. More links will be posted in future when we find them hehe. More Christian-themed comics might be posted up later on as well, so check back.

To all Spongebob haters--
Don't worry, that's the last and only Spongebob pic I have.

ches ;รพ

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