9 March 2005


Dear YDMers,

I sure hope that you are still coming in here to get your updates. We are sorry for not updating this blog on a regular basis. Its mostly because we've been really busy with other activities and planning.
The youth camp is just 9 days away and ever more closer as I speak. I believe that God will do great and wonderful things during and even after the camp. I, myself have benefitted from previous camps. And I hope all of you who are joining (and are still thinking of signing up) will experience Jesus in a much deeper sense. I'm getting all excited and can't wait for the camp myself!
The challenge now is to prepare ourselves to hearing God before the camp. If you're going to the camp to have fun... I'm sure you'll get it, but if you're there to meet Jesus... I urge you all to take sometime each day to pray to Him. Prepare our hearts now so that we would be ready to meet Him. Jesus delights when His people (YOU) lift up holy hands in worship and prayer.
I hope everyone's geared up for the camp! There's gonna be many more events happening for YDM this year... so get ready..... ;oP
God bless!
Stephen Chin

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