5 September 2005

Bring & share this Friday!

There will be a bring & share at Aunty Linda's (Abby K's mom) place this Friday, 9th September 2005. It's at 7.30pm and her address is:

House no. 14, Simpang 224, Jalan Beribi, Kiarong. Once you've turned into Simpang 224, it's the 1st house on your right on a hill (Beribi power station traffic light junction).

It'll be a time of fellowship, just for everyone to have fun, play a few games, eat a lil food, etc. Seeing as how it's a school day for most of you the next day, your parents might not be so keen to let you stay out too late, so you can go back at whatever time is convenient for you.

Oh, and just a reminder-- By "bring and share" we mean you have to bring food and share it. So everyone is to bring a little bit of food. Please inform your group leaders if you can make it or not. If you don't have a leader yet (or aren't sure who your leader is), you can message or call Ben at 8622042.

Reminder to all group leaders:-- Please call up all your members and confirm with Ben who's going and who's not.

See you all there!

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