2 December 2005


Dear YDMers,
The year is coming to an end and 2006 is right at our door step. And as this year draws to a close, I hope that we have been living a life thats "L.O.U.D". I have been greatly blessed by all of you and I look forward to sharing 2006 with you.
Looking back at this year and how it all began, I have been really challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am sure that everyone were in the same situation at different stages of 2005. But, in all these challenges faced I am constantly reminded of being "L.O.U.D" .
As a recap for "L.O.U.D"....
L - love, O - obedience, U - Unity & D - discipleship.
Have we been true to the theme of YDM 2005? Have we lived a live of love, obedience, unity and discipline... so that we can call ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ? Were we able to show our love for Jesus to others? Did we love God first and our neighbours as Jesus told us to?
I must admit that I haven't been consistent through all of the above, but I do pray and hope that we will all continue to live our lives LOUD for Jesus as we remain Plugged & Amplified.
God Bless!
Stephen Chin

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