31 December 2006

Happy New Years

Hey guys, Happy New Years.

Let's continue to keep the world in our prayers.

Let's continue to pray for those around us, our friends and families especially those who don't know our Lord Jesus Christ yet and what he's done for us.

Let's continue to pray for our Church. Both for the building and especially for the people who make up the Church.

Let's pray for our Church leaders and pastors to continue to guide us in the direction that pleases the Lord.

Let's pray for the different ministries of the Church, YDM, KOOL, Young Adults, Evergreens and all the different CG groups to continue to grow and keep God in their sight.

Let's pray for our country and our Sultan to continue to keep this country at peace and harmony.

Let's pray for our teachers and those we look up to and respect to continue to teach us what is right.

Let's pray that the Lord continues to mold us through our teachings and through our experiences either good or bad into the men and women of God.

Let's continue to open our Bibles and read his Word.

Let's continue to put God first and rely on him.

Happy New Years

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