2 April 2007

from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday

Hi from Melbourne!

It's encouraging to see you youths getting involved in the life of the Church-gotongroyong has never seemed as fun.. hehe.. Good on all of you...

how time flies! we're in April already and right in the week leading up to Easter... was at a church service yesterday and the speaker mentioned how a significant portion of all Gospels recorded this week (from PalmSunday to EasterMonday) and i would just like to encourage you all as we are in this season to take some time off for yourself to spend time with Him- reflecting on what He has accomplished in the span of the one week- something that has drastically altered humanity... refresh your spirits again as u take time to sit with His Spirit..

Take time to journey with Him through the week... sit with the Word and discover what He did leading up to the very first Easter.. remember how He entered Jerussalem (John 12)... how He cleared the Temple (Luke 19)... how He spent time with His disciples and gave them the MostImportantCommandments (Matt 22-> Love God with ALL your HEART, SOUL, MIND and STRENGTH and love your neighbour as yourself)... how He showed us the Lord's Supper (Mark 14)... how He prayed for us (John 17)... how He went to the Cross (John 19)- AND conquered death (John20)! Indeed There is a Redeemer!!!!

i remember a song we did in SundaySchool about Easter that never fails to replay in my mind around this time of year (i wonder if anyone else remembers it, can still remember SundaySchoolTeachers doing the action):

Easter means Salvation
Salvation means we win
Easter means Salvation
Salvation means Jesus died for our sins, He rose again
And we'll live forever with Him

Indeed, praise God for the victory at Easter...

have a meaningful and blessed week-leading-up-to-Easter and celebrate God's victory at EASTER with HIM!!! God be with you all.


Anonymous said...

hi jerica! that sunday school song; KOOL's actually gonna sing it on easter day!coincidence?

JeRiCa said...

haha.. wow.. it's good then i'll sing my part from all the way over here!

Anonymous said...

make sure you prject your voice really really loudly so we can hear you over here! haha! oh! James says he misses you! =)

Eunus Khan said...

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