28 June 2007

YDM's Google Group

Here at YDM, we're always trying out new stuff that are useful or fun or interesting and sometimes these new stuff actually are all of the above. Here is YDM's Google group which we might be using for discussions, newsletter stuff, announcements, etc. If you're not afraid of the new and unknown, help us out by telling us what you'd like to see or what we can do to improve ourselves around here.

Google Groups

Youth Discipleship Ministry

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Note: A google account is required. So for those who don't have one have to create one. If you don't want to become a member you can still take part by being on the mailing list so that whenever there are updates to the group you'd still be informed about it. You'd find a way to subscribe to the group on the right.


Shahana Shafiuddin said...

is this for any specific country?

kangta164 said...

Umm..yeah Brunei to be specific. :) But you can stick around if you want to!