10 August 2007

The Time Has Come...

Well, I suppose it is time for me to move on. A part of me does feel rather sad leaving the ministry behind. No longer will I be able to see you guys every Saturday, or play the drums to my heart's content for my King every other week, or poke most of you every time you come anywhere close to my proximity. Ah, those fun times.

As I leave though I really want to emphasise the need for us to go out and live the faith that we are always so keen to sing about in songs. Those of you who were there when I shared last week will know that you don't need to have all the abilities, you just need to have God on your side. Sometimes I feel we are so content with coming to church every week, doing church stuff and talking about God to Christians. This is not a bad thing of course, but it leads us to forget that we are really meant to step out and bring people in. We cannot wait for people just to drop by before we share. Even a brief glance at Jesus' ministry on earth will show you that He spent most of His time not among the people who already knew God, but amongst the people who needed God.

Pick a friend that really means a lot, one that you want to share the gospel so desperately with. Then pray for them. Every day. Pray for opportunities too for yourself. Learn to be intentional in your speech with them. Poke some questions at them. Invite them from YDM. Invite them for events. And when I say invite I don't just mean once. Be convincted and ask them again and again. You may be rejected and you may become annoying. At the end of the day though, it's not about being liked. It's about caring enough to want too see something happening. Naturally, don't go overboard; know your limits. But there is a significant difference between a casual "Oh here's an invitation, just come if you want." and a serious "Here's an invitation to our event. It will be fantastic. Come along and have not just fun, but a life changing event!"

If you are serious about wanting to see a hundred youths pack the hall in YDM every week, you need to do your part. Time is one thing that is never on your side. Each moment that passes could be one where you may lose someone.

I will keep you guys updated on the happenings of my life, I'm sure. Keep in touch, and keep impacting your world.

God bless!

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