6 September 2007

O Sweet Land Of Liberty....

Hey guys! Well, I've finally settled down a bit now over here in the US and getting into the normal routine of classes. Routine, it turns out, can be good sometimes. But boy, do I have a lot of work to do! It's insane. I've never been given so much homework ever before, and I've only had five days of classes thus far! Do pray for me in that respect.

I'm still in the "church shopping" phase at the moment, but from what I have seen so far, I already know one thing.

I miss the worship back home.

And I have only realized this now that I'm over here.

I know worship should be (and can be) of the same intensity anywhere you go. I know worship isn't about how the band plays the music. I know worship shouldn't be affected by the people around me. I know to worship I just need to lay it all at His feet in total surrender. I know all these things.

But there are times when it is hard to fully give all you are to God because whether we admit it or not, the atmosphere and the heart of the people surrounding you can (and usually does) make a huge difference. What I have discovered from a few discussions so far is that the churches in the US have somewhat lost their main focus.

Make no mistake. I'm not putting down any of the churches in any way. But it does seem that there is so much talent, so much tradition and so many resources over here that the real desperate sense of the need for God to move forward is almost missing.

Sure, SAC may not be Planetshakers or Hillsong in any way. But trust me, the congregation and leaders at SAC have a much deeper understanding of what worship "should really be like". (I use quotation marks only because I am not suggesting that what I think worship is is the only way to define it. At it's core though, worship should, I believe, be understood universally across the world no matter what denomination the church falls under.)

So cherish what you have in YDM and SAC. Learn what it means to really worship in an environment that makes it easier for you to do so. Trust me, if you don't understand what true worship is, you'll find yourself lost one day. And you'll drift away because you've only experienced the emotions of worship, and not God Himself.

I'm sorry I have to be this serious. But it is what is upon my heart. And it should be fresh upon your hearts too since you just saw the worship video for offertory last weekend!

I will be sure to post a "nicer" post sometime in the near future. I promise!

Take care guys!

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