15 November 2007

Photo taking session

Hello again everybody!

Just a quick announcement to refresh everybody's mind. In case you don't know, we're left with 2 more weeks of YDM. We'll be taking a break during the whole month of December. But before we do take that long break, boss has suggested that we should take a group photo of all YDM members for the year of 2007. Doesn't really matter if you've only been in YDM once or twice throughout the year...as long as you did join us during the period of 2007, you are invited to come and join us for a group picture.

Date: Saturday, 24th November 2007 (YDM's last session for 2007)
Time: 4pm onwards.
Venue: St Andrew's Church, Parish Hall.

Put on your best smile pretty people. Continue to be inspired!

In Him

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