25 November 2007

YDM Service 24.11.2007 & KOOL 25.11.2007

On behalf of Stephen and the leaders of YDM, we would like to thank all of you for making 2007 a memorable year for us to serve God together. We hope all of you will have a great holiday ahead and see you guys back in 2008 on the 5th of January 2008!

For those who missed our final meeting of YDM, here's a video of what was shown before Praise & Worship. Do take note that the skit does not make much sense cause it's just something random that the worship team thought of doing to entertain you guys. Plus some messages from YDM-ers overseas and pictures of what 2007 was like for us.

YDM's version of "Heroes"...we're called Zeroes! Haha!

And of course pictures taken on the day. The pictures are all resized for easy uploads and downloads.

Do excuse some of the bad pictures. Didn't have much eye for nice pictures on that day due to preparation of the video and for Praise & Worship. Oh and below is a link to YDM's group picture for you guys to download if you wish to have the original copy.


Last but not least, here are the pictures of K.O.O.L Ministry's final meeting on the 25/11/2007.

Will edit a bit later for the group pictures.

Continue to be full on for Him and be inspired! See you guys in 2008!

In Him

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