22 May 2008

This Week!

Hey guys!

Looks like the mid-year exams craze is now over so a lot of people can breathe a sigh of relief!

In case you didn't know, I am now back in Brunei and I look forward to seeing more of you this week at YDM!

I will be bringing a message this Saturday, and even as I have been preparing I feel an excitement rising up within my Spirit. I believe the message is one of importance from God, and I pray His name be glorified as He uses me!

I have one special request for Saturday:
Please bring a notebook and a pen with you on Saturday so you can take notes as I share!

I really believe that He wants to speak, and taking notes can help you look back at a later point during the week (or the year) so that you can be encouraged by what He says about you again.

See you all on Saturday!

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