12 August 2008

More Than Gold!

Hey guys!

Just giving you all the heads up that next week, YDM will be organizing a "More Than Gold" Olympics service in conjuction with the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

What is this "More Than Gold" you ask?

"More Than Gold" is the theme that churches and agencies are partnering together on utilizing the same literature, videos and other resources during major multi-sport events such as the Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games, and the Olympics.

To the athlete in these events, the phrase "More than Gold" means he or she has prepared long years to achieve success in winning a gold medal-and all that goes with it. To hundreds of gold medalists who have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, though, the phrase means something far more important. It means they realize that their faith is worth More than Gold (1 Peter 1:7). These Olympians or athletes are choosing to partner with churches and ministries in every country-with this goal: To let every person know that although they desire a gold medal, their faith is worth More than Gold. -sportsoutreach.org

So if you guys are sports enthusiasts, this should be something for you to look forward to next week as we're gonna show you how you can reach out and share the love of Christ through...SPORTS!

All this happening next week, 23rd August 2008 @YDM, 4.00pm!

Oh by the way, keep an eye out for the 'tickets' to our own "Bird's nests" in the Parish Hall! Haha. Be there or be ...... ?

In Him


Anonymous said...

Feel good......

Katrina said...

Thank you for ssharing