15 August 2008

Pastor Lawrence...

How's it goin' YDM-ers!?

This week we'll be having an invited speaker, Pastor Lawrence from Singapore to inspire us in YDM! Most of us who attended the combined CG service last night was definitely blessed by him and the message that God has inspired him to share. Having said that, i would really encourage you guys to attend this week's service with Pastor Lawrence although we do know some of you are having your mock exams but hey, i'm sure you can spare 45 minutes for God can't you? :)

See you guys this Saturday, 17th August 2008 @ St Andrew's Church Parish Hall, 4 pm!

Oh by the way, if you can't wait for Saturday, you can also come tonight as Pastor Lawrence will also be sharing at church tonight, 15th August 2008, 8 pm. If not mistaken, tonight's session will be on "Faith".

In Him

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