30 October 2008

Tis the season to be studying...falalalalala!

Hello everyone!

We do apologize again for not keeping this blog updated regularly...partially coz there's nothing much happening in YDM and also most of those who's responsible to update this blog are busy. Anyway, we do encourage you guys to email us if you have anything you wish to share just to make this blog a bit more inspirational for others rather than just notices and announcements. So anyone? *chants* Testimony...testimony....testimonyyyy..... *chants*

As this upcoming few weeks are going to keep most of you guys busy with studies and whatnot, we just want to remind all of you to continue and spend a few minutes of your day with God and also to pray before you sit for your tests yes?

All the best for those sitting for their PMB, GCE and final exams.

See you guys this Saturday... same time, same place!

In Him

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