4 March 2010

Girl's Night Out: 1st Edition

Attended by: Anna, Blessy,Caroline, Gabrielle, Joeanne,Julieanne, Kimberly, Lorene, Melissa, Michelle, Rebecca T, Rebecca E,Sheiela

Since the boys put their pictures up about their Macho Day, it's the girls' turn :) We had a fun night of food (too much even!), crazy games, karaoke, movies and sleeeeeep (well, some of us managed a good night's rest!). Enjoy the pictures!

Photo op!


Don't ask me why they are under my table....

Just chilling...

Team 1 thinking very hard...

Team 2

Dress-up game: Sheiela and Lorene

Dress-up game: Caroline and Blessy

Dress-up game: Michelle

Dress-up game: Gaby

Dress-up game: Joeanne and Kim

Dress-up game: The Beckys

Toilet vandals!!

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