22 March 2010


Hi campers!

Just to get you ready for camp, here's a list of things to pack!

1) Change of clothes for 4 days, including towel and sleepwear :) Please remember your UNDERWEAR! hehe
2) Toiletries
3) Sandals (for walking around)
4) Slippers for in the shower
5) Sports shoes
*pls DO NOT SHOWER with the shoes you're walking around with!
6) Sleeping bag/mattress plus pillows, blankies and stuffed animals (if you want to, but please leave your actual bed at home!)
7) Water bottle
8) Bible
9) Stationery

Please avoid bringing expensive items like game consoles, mp3/mp4 players and your mobile phones for safety reasons, and plus they will distract you from all the fun stuff happening at camp! :)

Registration starts at 1pm on Wednesday the 24th so see you there!

Registration Team, Youth Camp 2010

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