4 November 2010

This Just In!

Hello everyone! It's November and in less than two months, we'll be entering the new year. Nevertheless, we've still got those two months and so let's make the most out of it.

YDM will NOT be on break this year, and would still continue through December 2010!
This gives you the opportunity to invite your friends during the holidays, when you're all free from exams, etc. Remember that one of the reasons YDM exists is to reach (out) to other youths. So yes, invite your friends to YDM!

Tired of being locked up in your room studying? Feeling disappointed because your tummy's starting to bulge? Then join us and the rest of the church at the Walk For Health this Sunday, 7th November 2010 at Tasek. Registration fee is $1, but if you'd like a shirt, you'll have to pay $12 and you'll have to wait a while for the shirts. Meet at church at 3pm.

KidsGames would be held in Jigsaw Primary School, Berakas on 12 and 13 November 2010; 2-5pm on both days. Please do come and help out if you can! A training session would be held TOMORROW, 5th November 2010, in the Parish Hall from 2-4pm.

To those concerned, you are REQUIRED to attend the confirmation class & rehearsal on Saturday, 13th November 2010, 6-8pm. Following that, confirmation would be held at the 7:45am English Service (In other terms, 1st service) on the 21st of November.

The annual Nativity Play would be held on Monday, 22nd November, 7-10pm at St. Andrew's School. Come and join us as we gear into the Christmas season.

Parents Appreciation & Awards Night is at iLotus this year, on Friday, 26th November from 7-10pm. Bring your parents along, because what is a parents appreciation night if there are no parents to appreciate? ;) Tickets would be sold soon; it's free for your parents, but you've got to pay $15 for your own ticket. Basically, you'll be paying for your parents' and your own dinner. So yes, use some of the allowance you get (If you do get allowances) and buy your parents dinner for once. =D To those interested to perform something for your parents, please contact Sheiela or Blessy via facebook, email or SMS. Just so you know, there won't be any YDM on Saturday, 27th November. =)

YDM would also be carolling this year together with KOOL; more details would be coming soon.

Music classes
Apart from that, please do be advised that guitar classes have ended for the year. Bass, drum and piano classes would soon be closing for the year. HOWEVER, sign ups are open for 2011. Those who would like to continue can do so as well; or you may want to learn and try out a new instrument. If you'd like to, please do sign up with the following:
Guitar class: Michelle, Blessy
Bass class: Sheng, Daniel
Drum class: Shasha
Piano class: Caroline

Whoa, that's a whole load of announcements. Nevertheless, I hope you'd pinned them down in your calendar. =)

God bless and we'll see y'all this Saturday! Come expecting, come ready!

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