15 December 2010


Hello hello!

Christmas is about 10 days away (from when this is posted), and because this Saturday (18th December) is the last YDM for the year 2010, YDM would be celebrating Christmas by having a little makan makan. It's a bring and share, so as the practice suggests, please do bring and share your cooking/baking (or your parents' signature dishes) with the rest of YDM. Yet although it's a bring and share, please also contribute $2 (to Sherly), for the drinks and for the BBQ that we would be having.

And Christmas, being the season of giving, we would have a gift exchange as well. Bring along a gift worth a maximum of $5 (Meaning, you must bring a gift that costs you $5 or less), so that you would be able to exchange your gift with someone else.

It would be from 3-6pm at the Parish Hall.

Do invite your friends! See you there!

Red and green just for the Christmas season!

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Sherlyanna Syutri Susis aka Sherly said...

Heys, um, the last announcement at YDM said it was MAXIMUM $5 per gift, so I'd just like to clarify if it's maximum or minimum. Thank you! =)