4 March 2011


Hi guys here's a checklist of what to bring (or not!) to camp!

Day campers:
1) A change of clothes in case you get dirty/sweaty/smelly
2) Toiletries and towel if you intend to shower at the camp venue
3) Stationery and Bible
4) Water bottle

* Day campers are to arrive at church by 7:00am (on the 24th, 25th and 26th), and can leave by about 10:30pm each night. Sports attire is advisable as there will be many activities throughout the day and comfort is a must! :)

Regular campers
1) Enough clothes for the duration of the camp
2) Toiletries and towel
3) Stationery and Bible
4) Water bottle
5) Sport shoes and slippers/sandals
6) Small mat/sleeping bag/mattress and pillows, blankets etc for your sleeping comfort! :)

*All campers are to register between 3-5pm on the 23rd of March 2011, and camp ends at 2pm 26th March 2011.

Venue for the camp is ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH (in case you're still wondering) :)

What NOT to bring

1) Electronics (e.g. mp3 players/iPad/iPod/laptops) to avoid loss or damage
2) Illegal substances (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes, drugs)
3) Sexy, revealing clothes (for girls...ok for boys too!) :)
4) Mobile phones (try not to bring these in case you lose them... your parents can call us if there's anything) :)
5) Money (you don't need it at camp)

What you CAN bring
1) Snacks (but only to be eaten OUTSIDE the dorms)
2) Board games/playing cards

Ahhh camp...EXCITING!!
See all of you REAL SOON!!!

<3 Lorene

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