30 November 2004


hey guys!

how are u doing? hope everyone is doing fine...i've finally finished my exams and today was my first day of holidays so i'm pretty content :) to those who are helping out with KOOL, all the best guys and our prayers are with u and the kids...hope u have a blessed time!

i'm looking forward to the mission trip hehehe...this is just a little reminder to everyone involved...a mission trip is not just for fun...we have a MISSION (hence the title...duhhh!) :) and that is to make Christ be known and be an example to everyone around us AND to show God's love...this is why we do this...not for our glory, but for HIS...so even before we leave for Kuching, please do pray for the team, for the people there, and for yourself, that God will use you to be a blessing to others....to those who aren't going, please keep us in prayer as well... i too have yet to start praying for this trip, i admit, but better late than never so...start praying guys :) we serve and AWESOME God and to be able to do His work is a priviledge and an honour for He has CALLED you to do His work... have a good week guys and here's looking forward to Sunday and the start of a new and exciting experience! :)


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