25 November 2004

Just a note on this Saturday's (25th Nov) YDM meeting--

In case you didn't hear, it's gonna be at the Holtby's place. That's Grace and Anna Holtby for all you guys who've been living under a rock mehehe.

Their address is:
#2, Spg 842-60-8
Jalan Gadong
Kpg. Jangsak

Phone no. - 2650547
Here's how to get there-- Go to the top of the hill on Spg 842 where it turns sharply right. Take the first right immediately after the AWAS sign, into hidden Spg 842-60.

Remember guys, it's bring and share.
Which means you have to bring something and share it. Something meaning food. Edible stuff. You get the picture. ^_^

Oh, and since it's Anna's birthday, make sure you guys bring a gift.

See you all there!

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