12 July 2005

My child.

I will call you My friend, sometimes at the lowest moments of your life. I'll never look at you and say, "No, when you get your act together we can be friends."

And if nobody else cares anything about you, if nobody else loves you, you can look at somebody and just say, "Did you know I'm God's friend?"

You will never have to wonder about My unconditional love... Just put your faith and trust in My care. I will always be there to hold you in My arms. When you're afraid, don't you worry; I'll protect you from the storm. For out of everyone who claims that they really love you, you must remember I died for you, I rose for you, and only I know how to love you the most.

For I am just one simple prayer away. Stop calling everybody else and start calling Me with your heart, and I'll hear every word you say. You should never think that I'm not bothered about what goes on in your life. I want you to understand that everything that has something to do with you concerns Me. If you're crying tears, I want to wipe them away. If you're having fears and doubts I want to cast them all away. If you need to be loved, only I know how to love you, and everytime you call I will make sure that you know that it's Me. But you must pray. It won't take but a minute.

Just pray. And I'll be there right away.

Lyrical credits:
Spoken word by Bishop Joseph Garlington with Israel and New Breed
Just A Prayer Away by Yolanda Adams

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