25 April 2006

Dear YDMers, readers and bloggers;

Wow! We live in Generation that continuously evolve, transform... and impact the world! We live in a Generation that is the present and future. We are what will make the world today. We are the GENERATION that will CHANGE the World for Christ!

Right now, all around the world the Holy Spirit is pouring out His grace and power to a vibrant, God-fearing, earth trembling... "Kick-devil-butt" Generation of young Believers of Christ! Jesus is calling out to His "sheeps" and they hear and answer Him! YEs! He is calling YOU!!

I challenge all of you to live a life of godliness, holiness, faith, love and power! To be the generation that will inspire the moment! To live NOW for Him. For I know that for all who labours for His Kingdoms will inherit the crown of righteousness and the reward due to Him in paradise. Lets live a life of LOVE. To Love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Come! Join me in this life in a Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him (F.A.I.T.H.)!

I'll see y'all soon... til then... God bless!

Your Partner in Him!

Stephen Chin

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