26 April 2006


Today,I woke up early cause I had to share at the School's Mid Week Service. I was slightly under the weather with a fever, sore throat and headache. And I prayed a simple prayer... "Jesus, all glory be to you. I don't feel good today and not very much in the mood but I know that you can make all things possible. In Jesus' Name, Amen!"

I entered the conference room with a message that is set for the youths (form 2 & 3). I shared with them about their values and purpose. I told them that they are valued more then anything else in the world that Jesus would die for them and He did it to give us a purpose! After the sharing I invited them to say the sinner's prayer, and to stay behind for a short while as I speak and pray with them.

As I looked up.... I asked God if my eyes had deceived me! 50 youths had responded to the message... either accepted Christ for the first time or rededication! I am so amazed at the power of His name. I could not believe my eyes!

This is such a testimony! Praise the Lord!

I hope that this will inspire you all out there to share with all around you of God's love for them! Lets continue to live a life of fresh testimonies!


Your Partner in Christ!

Stephen Chin

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