2 July 2006

Yesterday's YDM was a day for testimonies. It was a great time of sharing between the youths about how God has been at work in their lives. And also a great inspiration to those who listen to them. I would like to put down their testimonies here but it would be a great diservice to them for me to botch any of their testimonies. Thank you to Joshua, Matt, Anand, Sophia, Nikki, Lorene, Grace, Sheng, De Hao, Gideon (or Gi), Sharon, Pete, Aaron, Haeman, Becky, Joel, Ooja, Cait and Ches for sharing their testimonies with the rest of YDM. And as Uncle Andy says you guys are the burning bush that doesn't burn down. You guys are a living testimonies for God. Keep the fire burning!

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