25 September 2006

On The 23rd....

With Uncle Andy on a trip to KL, YDM still continued as usual, with Teck as first-time service director. Not bad huh? We can see he's moving up the ranks....Our next worship leader? Who knows?

Those of you who were there will recall we played a short game which confused the daylights out of you the second I tried to explain the instructions. Well, just for future references, here are the rules once again:

1) When I say stand, you swap seats with someone either two years older or two years younger than you.
2) When I say sit, you stand.
3) And when I say swap, you sit.

Still confused? Chances are we won't play that game again!

For those who were absent during the meeting, we had Rick Warren talk to us personally (well in truth on video but anyway) about our fourth purpose, "We were shaped to serve God". After the relatively short sermon we had a time of prayer, in which I believe God spoke to some of the youths there about their purpose in their life. If anyone would like to share what God has revealed in their hearts, please, don't hesitate to email us your testimony.

We celebrated Nikki's 20th birthday too, and prayed for Sarah Ong as she attended her last YDM meeting prior to flying off to Melbourne. Caroline played for the first time as part of the worship team this week as well!

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I promise we will have some in the coming weeks. For regular YDMers that we have not seen for a long time now either because of exams or something else, we are keeping you in our prayers.

Finally, as you know I like to post things for your entertainment purposes, check out this website for a comprehensive collection of high-speed water shots. What could be cooler?

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