4 September 2006

Your Sphere Of Influence

People come, people go. Some leave on a temporary basis, whilst others migrate and depart for a much longer period of time. But what happens when someone dies? In the light of the recent death of Steve Irwin, we are once again reminded, as if we needed reminding, that life is extremely short. The question lies in what you choose to do with your life.

See the last thing the YDM commitee members and youth leaders want is for you to attend YDM, and do nothing else. We want you to take God to the people outside. We want you to begin praying for your friends, your family and, as God opens up doors, sharing with them the gospel of our salvation as well.

Surely the last thing any of us want is to wake up and find a loved, unsaved, individual in our lives not being there anymore. Yes, I know, it all sounds incredibly cliche, but isn't that still the truth? Just think about your sphere of influence. What can you change about your life now that will cause an eternal change in the heavenly realms?

Pray. Trust. Believe. Speak.

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