9 October 2006

On The 7th!

Once again I apologise beforehand for not having any pictures of this week. The camera was actually in my bag. I just didn't realise until after YDM had finished. Yes. I am rather daft sometimes.

Anyway, this week we touched on our fifth purpose from Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, "We were made for a mission". Richard, our rather busy friend, shared the word, all of which tied in nicely with St. Andrew's Mission Week. Ben shared his pink ping-pong ball joke too. If you've never heard it before and if he ever asks you whether you want to hear it, please refrain. It'll save you five minutes of your life.

Back to missions. I believe it served as a good reminder to all of us after hearing about one of the main purposes in our lives - evangelism. I'm sure all of us want to see our friends, our family, our loved ones come to know the gospel of salvation in the way we know it. To truly know you've been set free and that your guaranteed a place in heaven. Yet when it comes to us doing the work necessary for them to come to know the truth, we tend to slack. Why? Because we like to pick the easy fruits. No one likes the hard, back-breaking part of sowing the seeds.

But start praying guys. Pray for more opportunities, for more courage, for the right words to say. Start believing in faith that the ones you really care for will come to know Him one day. It's hard to pray everyday, I know. But how much do they mean to you?

Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.

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