2 October 2006

On the 30th!

Here's another update of YDM happenings...with pictures this time you'll be pleased to know. Last week we had cell group discussions regarding another one of our life purposes based on the video we saw last week. Prior to that though, we had an ice-breaker from Ben, a "hand clasping" exercise. The idea was to clap your hand in front of you and behind you and at the second Ben said stop, you were meant to put your hands together. If your right thumb was over your left thumb, it meant something. If it was the other way around then it meant something else. What? I was taking pictures! I couldn't pay that much attention to what he was saying!

After that we played the "Murderer" game, a game that has been played over and over again. Funny thing was the first elected murderer didn't kill anyone so we all stood there waiting for Christmas. Which by the way, isn't that far away. Anyway, turns out she didn't know she was the murderer....O...k....

Cell group time after that. Not much else to report for this week really. We are still looking for testimonials so if anyone has anything that they feel they want to share, please send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you, and with your consent, to post up the testimonial too. This goes out to anyone overseas as well!

For more pictures from last week, please click here.

There are also some pictures from the Mission Week Treasure Hunt, a fun afternoon filled with perhaps too much thinking for a Sunday afternoon. Lorene's team got second place and thus won a Sony Digital camera. Congratulations to them! If you didn't participate this year, there's always next year to look forward too.

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