25 November 2006

Hello YDMers!

Hey guys, I felt like posting something to all of you.

As most of you have no doubt heard by now, I'm cold here and I don't like it. And it rains a lot. Normally I like rain, but not when it's 10°C and below! But the food's good. Had a kebab here, and the thing's freakin' huge! Oh, and I have a love triangle with Burger King and Subway. I'm trying real hard not to gain weight though haha!

But all that aside, God is faithful. He prepared for me a church and a good group of friends to fellowship with. The thing that surprised me was that the songs they sing here are almost the same ones we sing back home! And they have a range of worship leaders with differing styles, just like SAC has! The church here somehow reminds me of SAC ten years ago.

The group of friends God has brought me to is a good bunch. Fun people, and they take me out a lot haha. I also joined a student fellowship here which meets every Thursday. And I help out in Sunday School. Haha who'd have thunk, huh? Granted, it's Class 4, which is like the transition class before they move to the church youth group. So it's very much similar to my Sunday Bible Study group. Except you guys are easier to handle! Wow...

So all in all, God has really blessed me, more than can be described in such a short space. Honestly though, I still struggle with my walk from time to time. It's hard to be away from home and friends and family, outside of your comfort zone and outside of your home church. But I still cling on to God. Throughout everything that comes my way and tempts me and plagues me and threatens to pull me down, I still pray and I still reach out to Him.

My hopes for YDM, for all of you, have not changed. If anything, being away has cemented them in my mind more-- It is the desire of my heart to see YDM grow. And I'm not talking numbers. Because YOU are YDM. I want to see YOU grow. I want to see you walk with Jesus day by day as He ministers to you, speaks into your life, joys with you, cries with you, comforts you. Nothing brings me more joy than to see you overcome the snares and troubles of the world and become more and more like Jesus. It always puts a smile on my face and in my spirit to see you lost in praise and worship, or with eyes closed in prayer, pouring your heart out to God.

I remind you and challenge you, youths, my brothers and sisters in Christ-- Love one another, care for one another, be there for one another. If any should fall, pick them up. Encourage them. Your walk with God is personal, but we are not alone in our walks. "We are one body because we all share in one bread". The Body of Christ.

"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor."
- Romans 12:10

I'll be home soon. But not soon enough. I miss church, I miss YDM, I miss you guys terribly, and I can't wait to be get back to YDM!

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