19 November 2006

Wow...It's Nearly 2007!

Time just flies past. I remember the week at YDM at the beginning of 2006 where we were filling out letters concerning our hopes and dreams to ourselves. And look where we are now. November. Soon it will be Christmas. Then soon after it will be 2007.

The end of the year somehow just seems to ushers in the notion of evaluation. Did we grow closer to our friends? Did we learn more things? Did we have a significant impact on the people around us? The most vital one though, I believe, is whether we as a ministry have changed in any way.

Well, we still have about the same number of people as we started the year with. Numbers don't gauge everything, so the next thing we move on to is how much you guys have grown. I see growth in some and that brings such a smile to my face. Some of you guys have so much passion it inspires me. Not to discourage others, of course, because I know growing in your relationship with God is never going to be an easy thing. I've experienced it personally.

Soon Stephen will share the vision for YDM in 2007. We are going to have many more places for people to serve in. But you need to be ready. Start now by reading your bible, even if it is for 5 minutes everyday. Pray for 5 minutes everyday. Worship God in your room for 5 minutes everyday. It has to start somewhere.

It's not going to be easy. You're going to have to push yourself. But in our hearts we long to see youth grow in Him and be totally sold out for Him. What an amazing sight! Come on guys! God is great!

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