25 January 2007


Heylo YDMers

Here are the pictures from the awesome-ly fantabulous She night. It was an incredible night where we girls just were having lots of fun.. we had worship (thanks Grace and Michelle)… message (video-style ) and the fun stations: facial spa… artsy creative corner… photo studio… choc cafĂ©… board games. Of course there was lots and lots of chocolate!!!

We hope you girls will have more of this going on, even after some of us leave. It’s fun just to hang out with the girls, isn’t it??

Oooh.. just to let you girls know… a couple of us are going bowling Thursday night (Jan 25)@7pm at Utama Bowling Centre and we would love you to see you all there if you can make it. It’s a bit last minute but yea.. come along… bring yourself, a friend (or two) and some cash ($$)

Enjoy the pictures… thanks Annabel for sharing the pictures.


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