25 January 2007

Sorry Judith :) Although you told "those" guys not to post this... They told ME to ;) Thanks for the encouragement girl!

Judith's Testimony.....

WAHAHAH!! never did this before but i felt like i have to.. ( dont post this)

THANK GOD FOR DROUGHTS! we go to ydm on saturdays, we go to the saturday night service after that. week after week the same thing happens again and again. man~ sometimes weneed to be refreshed.. and let God remind us who He reli is.. today started off as usual.. the same thing, over and over again. went toFAT internship, learnt a bit more from the Bible.. and the four of us got tothe point where we were discussing about droughts. it makes us want more.. like when ure in a desert and ure thirsting for water. God wants us to wantmore.. He wants us to just seek Him and yearn for Him and ALWAYS look to Himwhenever ure in need. God definitely works in mysterious ways.. its AMAZING.

TOO MANY things happen in just a day.. i lost a friend (temporarily.. i hope) but i gained alot from that.. i learned to seek God and just look to Him andjust rely on Him whenever im in need. God reminded me that HE IS GOD. that He can take all this pain away but sometimes He just wants us to go thru this.. so we'd learn something from it.. and i definitely have. I just want to thank God for droughts cuz it reli reminded me of who God is. and He is GREAT and OOOSOME. and i just... i dont noe. i just encourage all of you out there to just look to Him whenever ure in need. and sometimes u have to drop everything and just worship Him because He is WORTHY. MY GOD IS JUST REALLY REALLY OOOSOME. and its SO GREAT to have a God like that. Onelike no other. man~judith

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