8 January 2008


This year, we will be having a Girl's Nite Out called "Survival of the Fittest" and the details are:

Date: 17 Jan 2008
Time: 6-10pm
Venue: Batu Satu Area, meeting place at Utama Bowling Carpark
Sleepover at Le Gallery hotel (Old Princess Inn, above Charcoal restaurant)
Tickets: $5 (non sleepvover) OR $10 (sleepover)
Dinner will be at Rang Mahal (Indian food...YUMMMMMMMM!!)
Activities: SECRET!! hehehe

Interested to know what's happening? Come and find out! :) Tickets can be obtained from Lorene (school days) and Becky Elicay(during YDM)

As of 8th Jan, the confirmation for sleeping over is closed BUT if you still want to sleep over, please do find at least 5 more friends to share the room with you :) Girls, invite your friends, your sisters, cousins...as long as they are not boys! :)

Sorry boys! Hehehe! You'll have your time soon :)

Watch the promo video!

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