4 December 2009

Parents' Appreciation Dinner & Awards Nite 2009

Patricia Chong - Newcomer Award

Jack Holtby - Creative Award (Video)

Shirley Indah - Most Regular YDMer Award

Shasha Susis - Most Helpful Award

Samuel Shie - Most Helpful Award

YDM held its first Parents' Appreciation Dinner & Awards Nite on Saturday, 27th November 2009 at the i-Lotus Restaurant. Lorene and a team of D-team leaders came up with several activities for the evening. There were games and some presentations. We also had our very own Michelle and Ryan as emcees for the evening. It was an evening full of laughter and smiles.

Dance Presentation to the song entitled "The Wind Beneath My Wings"

Duet Entitled "Ready, Set, Don't Go"

Song Presentation entitled "Because You Loved Me"

There were some presentations during the evening family affair. A song entitled "Because You Loved Me" was presented by Sheiela, Anna, Shirley Indah, Jack, Samuel Kong, Caroline and Terence; Michelle & Sarah presented a song entitled "Ready, Set, Don't Go"; Caroline & Sheiela presented a dance to the song "The Wind Beneath My Wings"; and a video presentation that was directed and produced by Jack Holtby.

There are many more pictures! We'll try to get it uploaded or provide a link. Pictures are courtesy of Andrew Kit Sison.

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