1 January 2010

2010 ... On Solid Rock

2010 has arrived and with a new year there's a renewed sense of purpose. It is quite funny how we have a 'mental reset button' in our subconsciousness. When one year ends and a new year arrives, we begin to feel refreshed and a certain courage rises up within us telling us, "You a have new beginning and a renewed chance."

At least that's how I feel.

For YDM, we have had our little challenges. As the Youth Worker and leader of YDM; I've been stretched in many ways. I've seen youths walk away from God and some growing stronger. I've cried with a few and rejoiced with a few. I've been ignored by a few and acknowledged by a few. Hated by a few and loved by a few. Each step was a new experience from me. I didn't know where to start or where we should be going. All I know is that every youth out there is in need of love as I am... each one is in need of a rescue as I am... each one is in need of a dream as I am... each one is special and I am.

The current biggest challenge for our youths are typical to every young person out there, yet in recent years these challenges have intensified. The problems and challenges are relationships, sexuality, parents, identity, divorces, popularity, studies, gossips, friendships, forgiveness... and more. Countless nights I have asked God for wisdom and countless times I've heard nothing. The one word I got for 2009 that will continue for my lifetime is "GRACE". In the midst of all that we have gone through individually and corporately as a youth ministry I have realized that I am in His grace. A love that I do not deserve and yet have been given without reservations. This is the same grace... unconditional love that each one of us are in need of.

This year theme is "ON SOLID ROCK". The core team and I prays that we will not only become a believer of Jesus Christ but also begin to BE a Christian. On Solid Rock is about putting our hopes on the Author and Perfecter of our faith and being sure-footed on Christ our Solid Rock. You and I are responsible and accountable to God and to each other to mature. YDM has to step up to the challenge, to have deeper roots in the Word and firm foundations so when troubles come the "house" that Christ builds on the Solid Rock will not tumble and fall, rather it will be steadfast and sure.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to YDMers and All!

Hymn: The Solid Rock by Edward Motte

The Solid Rock

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