19 May 2010

Girl's Day Out!

Calling all girls! Calling all girls!

We'll be having a Girl's Day Out this Saturday (22nd May) from 4 til 6pm, the usual YDM time. Meet at church at 4pm SHARP! We'll walk over to Yayasan for a little something something. Curious eh? Guess you'll have to come and find out that 'something' for yourself. ;p If you're late, or going to be late, message to inform Lorene (8851050) and meet us at Yayasan itself.

After our little activity, we'll walk back to church, so ask your parents to pick you up from church at 6pm. However, of course, you're welcome to stay on, have dinner at the pasar, and join us for GDOP at 8pm.

See you all there! Invite your friends too! The more, merrier. =D

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